3 Reasons Why You Should Use Lead Generation Ads

Kevin Eum
3 min readAug 9, 2019


What is a lead generation ad?

Lead generation ad is an ad type where you can collect data about people who clicked on your ads (potential customers). Data that businesses typically like to collect includes a name, email address and contact number.

What’s so special about Adriel’s lead generation ad? Our lead generation ad is compatible for both Google and Facebook, so you can run the ad on both platforms all together.

All you need to do is to create questions that intend people to leave their information as you want, and the ad is set up. The information collected then can be used to build up a customer database, newsletter audience, quotation requests and other business information.

Why do I need a lead generation ad?

1. You don’t need to have a website.

A landing page is created once you fill up your questions on a template ready made for you. No need for a domain or a web developer. Just make a few questions and your ad is ready to run.

You don’t need to build a new website to get new customers.

2. Only “interested” people will leave their information.

The most popular reason to use a lead generation ad is to collect potential customers’ data. On a lead generation ad, only people who want to be contacted leave their contact, so they are more likely to convert into sales when you contact them. This way, you can maximise the number of leads with a small budget.

Get qualified new sales leads.

3. You can collect customers’ data quickly and easily.

Forget about CPC, CTR and other difficult terms. Lead generation ads give you the information in the plainest and simplest form and you can store it, so you can find out about your potential customers much more quickly.

Even if they don’t plan to purchase yet, their contact information remains an important asset for your business so you can contact them later.

Easy to get the right customer data.

We already have users who are enjoying the new lead generation ads. Listen to what Myron, a marketer from Singapore had to say:

“The new lead generation ads are awesome! I’m in awe.”

Now Let’s start your own lead generation ads to get more customers!

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