A New Years Tradition to Begin Today

New Years is easily one of my favorite days of the year: the parties, the outdoor excursions, the anticipation, and perhaps most of all, the reflection and resolutions and new beginnings and lessons.

Last year, I did something on New Years Eve Day that I’ve been looking forward to do again for months. So I thought I’d share my new tradition with you, in case you would like to try it out, too.

On December 31st, review your entire calendar from the year.

How we spend our time and with whom says a lot about our values. Go through every day. And write down whatever was significant, super fun, and unforgettable from the year. Then narrow it down to 10 (okay — I skirt this a bit with a few Honorable Mentions), and turn it into a top 10 list of your most memorable experiences from 2015.

The ordering doesn’t matter. It’s a mini-time capsule to see how much you have done, what has stuck, and perhaps what and who to prioritize in 2016. How cool would it be to have a top 10 list from each year of our lives, a lasting reflection of our life in that moment.

As for me, my relationships and our moments together are always at the top. Thank you for being part of my 2015. Happy New Year!

[Originally published as a post on my Facebook wall. It got a lot of attention from my friends. So I thought I would share it with the Medium community.]