Brand Identity for Casey Neistat

This is a personal project. Casey didn’t hire/ask me to do this.

This idea came up months ago. It actually started when Casey mentioned wanting title and end screens for the vlog. Casey, I enjoy your vlogs, especially the ones focused on running, which actually inspired me to start running myself (thanks!).

One of the main things I’d really like to see used from these ideas is the use of the designs on t-shirts to benefit others, because of the fundraising opportunities. More on that towards the end of this article. First up, the moodboard.

Moodboard Goodness

So I created a collection of all the stuff one might need to be inspired by you, Casey. These things include…

✓ Camera Gear
✓ Drone
✓ Boosted Board
✓ Photos of Casey
✓ DIY images
✓ Icons
✓ Travel Stuff
✓ Ray Ban® Sunglasses

Where to next? Oh yeah designing.

Lots and lots of designs
Then some more.

Issues that arose; CN Monogram.
CN marks are used in many things…

• Canadian National Railways (One of my faves)
• Cartoon Network

I stayed away from this idea of using a CN because I didn’t want there to be any confusion. I did arrive on something I really like though.

C Icon

This icon represents a couple of things. First, a map marker, since you often travel in your vlogs. Also, the icon is a map in and of itself if you follow the outline and the letter C, of course.

I wanted the icon to be bold and modern and I feel this hit that mark (no pun intended unless you laughed then, well, pun intended).

The main logo was a lot of back and forth for me. Seriously.

This is what I shared to get feedback.

I started with using just Neistat. Then I reached out on some slack channels (thanks Angel Acevedo, Tien-Tien Cheng, Sam Fagan, & Rui Bogas) for feedback. Sidenote…the Slack community for Sidecar is ✨. If you want to join it reach out to them on Twitter: @madebysidecar

One piece of feedback I received was that Casey tends to go by Casey Neistat and not just Neistat. So I had to rework some stuff…and then Beme News was released.

My main reasoning for using a condensed type was so that you could fill up more of the screen with text.

In use: Filling up the screen.

Because of this I tried different type…I was digging Cast Iron Condensed, Bee Two, and Good Headline Pro. Then the Beme News branding came out and I knew I had to do what I was originally thinking.

Enter Futura. You beautiful typeface you.

I didn’t want to use Futura because of all the Supreme gear you’ve been rocking but I believed you’d like it if I did. When the beme news logo came out, there Futura was…waiting for a hug.

I ended up on Futura Bold Oblique for Casey’s name and Futura Condensed Extra Bold for the video titles.

I also wanted to add some icons. 👇🏻

Drone, Run, Camera, Skate, Open, Mail Time, Travel, Shades.

Where I’d love to see these used…

Casey, you raise awareness and point others where to give. I think more people might give more if they received something to show they supported. My idea is to use something like Bonfire to raise awareness and funds. The donations head out wherever you need them to go, people are proud to support the cause and they have something to wear showing their support. Plus you don’t have to ship or deal with returns etc. Win win.

Mail Time.
Work Harder…to see what this says.
Do More.

So this is where I ended up on my personal project to brand you, Casey.

Casey, if you ended up going through this and would like to use any of these, please let me know! Kevin Fischer

What’s a personal project you are working on?