When is young, TOO young?!?!

Recently a doctor from Colorado, Tim Farnum, proposed a ballot initiative that would ban the sale of smartphones to parents who intend to put them into the hands of their children (or at the very least, fine them for doing so).

Dr. Farnum is the founder of Parents Against Underage Smartphones, or PAUS, a nonprofit group pushing the proposal.

Now, I have no doubt that the aim of this doctor, and his entire group for that matter, are well intentioned. That said, it’s also way off base. It is not the job of the U.S. government to decide what people (and yes, that includes children) are allowed to do and not to do, when it comes to their personal lives.

Let me repeat that, it is not the job of the U.S. government to decide what people are allowed to do and not to do, when it comes to their personal lives.

Is that understood? That is NOT a rhetorical question. Do you understood???

You see, too many members of our society are under the belief that government can solve all of our problems. First off, that statement is INSANE! The U.S. government (and any large government come to think of it) has shown time and time again, that they are completely inept when it comes to running our lives. Basically, it does not work out well for the average person.

Examples? You want examples? No worries…

  1. EDUCATION. Ever since the federal government stuck their nose where it didn’t belong (by creating the U.S. Department of Education and I’ll remind you that wasn’t even until the end of 1979!) everything has been going down hill… and gaining momentum with everything passing school year. Standardized teaching and testing have not made our children smarter, it’s handcuffed our teachers and made them ineffective and it’s made our students one-tracked and stressed-out.
  2. Healthcare. Well, I really can’t get into it here, but as one who has actually worked in the field, I can assure you, insurance is not the solution, it’s the problem. There is a reason why a disposable ace bandage is billed at $44 and a single dose of tylenol is billed at $11 a pill! When I was a wee-child, before health insurance was the ‘norm’, you could actually go to your doctor and pay them $25 for a visit. That was it. $25 and you’re done. No filings, no deductibles for patients and no write-offs for doctors. Just a simple transaction and everyone is happier. We NEED to get back to THOSE days.
  3. Social Welfare. Again, I’ll keep it brief, welfare are for those who need and its existence is vitally important for them and our society at large. We should not and cannot have fellow Americans living and dying in the streets. This safety net should not go ANYWHERE! But for those who use and abuse the system? They should be exposed and punished for what and who they are: crooks.

I could go on, but if you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know I believe in keeping these things as concise as possible.

Honestly, there is already WAY TOO MUCH interference by the government as is, to add to it would not only be oppressive, but ultimately detrimental to the day-to-day lives of each and everyone of us.

Can the government do good? Yes, it can. The problem is that once the government gets aways from its intended purpose (protecting us from each other, defense from outside forces and settling civil disputes) administration procedures do not usually work so smoothly. They start creating departments to oversee implementation and operations. But then they soon see that those groups aren’t enough, so they add more support departments under them. Of course, after a while, others notice that all these departments aren’t working cohesive enough so then they add more oversight departments to oversee all these previous departments. Noticing a pattern here? It won’t end… ever.

The people in power never end departments, they only add to them. Whenever the government, whether state or federal, start collecting a new tax to support an initiative (some call this theft), they will always collect that money forever more. Not to mention usually increase the amounts over time and then add more taxes on top of it for some other new endeavor. Why do they do all this? To fund all these departments and divisions that makeup and enforce all these policies that those in charge believe are best for us. It’s essentially the LARGEST pyramid scheme in the history of history!

So, do you think that we need yet another law telling us how to raise our children? Hell no! Getting tired of it yet? Yeah, me too.

Thanks for taking the time to read…

— Kevin