I laughed at this: 2015 podcasts

4. The Goddamn Dave Hill Show — The Best Show’s Tom Scharpling Swings By…

The Best Show is sublime. But when Scharpling rides shotgun it’s a rare treat. He exudes a jocular, freewheeling dynamic that can be otherwise grounded during his own broadcast (unless he’s trying to make Julie Klausner laugh). Here Scharpling shows up on the Goddamn Dave Hill Show, helmed by Dave Hill, ostensibly his WFMU successor. During the sort-of homecoming, they share stories about having their work ripped off for commercials and the mindset of bands that won’t reunite during a breezy three hour block.

3. You Tell It! — Name This Disease

The commitment of improvisors Natasha Vaynblat and Michael Kayne (along with Joel Weidl and Ryan Haney) turns would-be hacky premises like sticking your nose in someone’s balls or naming a disease “ass burgers” into absurdist joy.

2. The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds — Jade Helm

My introduction to, and the utter dismantling of, the Jade Helm conspiracy.

  1. Rafflecast — Johnny’s Bananas Season 4 Writer’s Room

A roomful of fake Entourage-hangers on try to write on the new season of Johnny’s Bananas while ordering Fat Sal’s. There are too many great little moments to remember them all: Tom Scharpling’s Bob Einstein voice, Gil Ozeri’s slow descent into homelessness, the way Jon Daly laughs a bit when he says “Live, that shitty, shitty band,” when Shelby Fero quietly says “Ponyo,” when Joe Mande changes “Meet the Fockers” to “Meet the Fuckers,” every time John Gemberling pokes holes in people’s ideas. This is an episode to constantly revisit.

Also great: Dr. Gameshow with Jo Firestone, Bodega Boys, Doughboys, Hollywood Handbook, the Best Show with Tom Scharpling, How to Be a Person