I laughed at this

Hollywood Handbook — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

Sean, Ben, Dom and Neil are talking about how they hate Obama.

Sean: Yeah, I think his name begins with an “O” for a reason. ’Cause that’s the number of things he’s done right. “O” for zero …I think that’s probably why.

Dom: But no president’s name has ever started with an appropriate number.

Sean: Huh? What do you mean.

Dom: By your standard…

Ben: “W.” Win.

Neil: “F” looks like a four.

Dom: That’s true. I guess maybe Roman numerals.

Sean: A “B” looks like an eight.

Neil: “B” looks just like an eight. But then “Barack.”

Sean: Sonofabitch. Yeah but we’re going last name.

Dom: We’re going last name.

Ben: We’re going last name.

Neil: Well then forget what I said about “F.”

Ben: Or “W.”

Sean: Yeah.

Dom: I retract my original thing too.

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