Stop Podcasting Yourself — Episode 426: Pete Zedlacher

Dave, Graham and Pete talk about receiving Fleshlights as gifts for performing at the comedy festival Just For Laughs.

Pete: I left it [in the hotel].

Graham: That’s probably the smart thing to do, but it was the talk of the festival.

Pete: This is a weird one to bring up now, but I have this thing with my mom. Anytime I get swag, I give her my swag. So she’s got shirts from every festival that I’ve done and wrap parties from TV shows that I’ve worked on. She’s got the jacket from the Ron James show and all that.

Graham: Is it one of those with the leather sleeves?

Pete: Yeah.

Graham: Oh, yeah.

Pete: She appreciates it more than I would. So, she wears it to lunch with her lady friends and they go, “Oh, is that the show Peter’s working on?” “Why, yes, he is!”

Graham: Ah, yes.

Pete: But I couldn’t give my mom the Fleshlight. That was the one…

Dave: “Oh, is that Peter’s dick massager?” She brings it to lunch. “Yeah, can I get half iced tea, half lemonade in this?”

Graham: (laughs) “…In this.”

Dave: I don’t know how one works! I assume there’s at least a dick-sized… volume of drink.

Graham: Yeah. “Could you turn it down to a dick-sized volume, please?”

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