Aphantasia —Out of Sight, Out of Mind.
Benny Kappler

The thing that I used to call visualizing, I now call conceptualizing. When someone would say ‘visualize’, I now know and refer to it as abstract conceptualizing. I can’t explain it to anyone, although many people with Aphantasia know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve also noticed that I think/sort things into ‘logical’ categories. I tend to strip away emotions and personal bias in an attempt to ‘accurately’ conceptualize the parts of systems into their own separate categories/layers. I tend to make mental models, similar to the OSI model, but I can’t see it at all….. I ‘just know’ it’s there and feel like I can fully understand it. I have a very strong intuitive sense of the models or concepts in my head, with no way to explain them to others.

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