Dear America

Dear America,

In my humble opinion, we are facing one of the bleakest and most discouraging times in the history of our Republic. I’m a loyal American citizen who is not personally interested in the careers of Donald J. Trump or Hillary Clinton, or any politician, but in our nation and our people.

I was born in the time of JFK’s assassination and Martin Luther King’s assassination. Both of their deaths were a loss of innocence for America. I remember the Vietnam War, and remember our family praying for the “boys” in Vietnam every night at dinner time.

But I truly believe that the current state of our nation is a far sadder time.

2016 will go down in history as the great loss of innocence in our nation. I believed in our country and our government. I was a proud patriot. I was blessed to be a young adult of our nation during a peaceful time. I did not serve our nation in battle, or in the military. I made a choice to go to college and take my wife and young daughters to Africa and Asia to serve as missionaries. We did not simply go to other nations to “convert heathens”, but went to give practical hope as educators and medical project directors. We were Americans who had freedom and prosperity that nations could only dream of experiencing. We took hope to the world. Not only the hope of the God we served, but hope that somehow America had to give.

We lived in poverty situations because those were the conditions we found in the nations we served. While living in Mongolia, we defended our American heritage against people who had been trained by communism to hate our existence. Our daughters were spit on. Rocks were thrown at us. However in it all, I maintained pride in my Christian heritage and my American heritage. When people in a former communist country spoke of the misinformation they had been fed to them by their communist country, I defended my beloved country. When our phones were bugged, and our faxes intercepted, I held my head high and spoke of my home, the land of the free.

I was innocent and naïve.

October 2016 will go down in history as the great loss of innocence of my beloved United States of America. I have personally lost hope in my government. My fellow Americans have lost hope, as well. We are no longer innocent and naïve. Sadly, our eyes have been opened.

We have been forced to see our country and our government standing naked for the world to see.

I can no longer stand in former communist countries and defend the country of the free. I can no longer stand among villages of mud huts and declare my patriotism. I can no longer declare that I am a part of the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Today, I stand with you and see a country divided. A government corrupt. A government that cannot be trusted. Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian, or a member of the Green Party, we all stand together as a nation dissolutioned.

We are no longer innocent.

I am sorry on behalf of our collective people that we can no longer put faith, trust, and hope in our government and our politicians.

It is with great concern for our beloved nation that we stand together and restore our nation’s integrity. That we stand together and fight for the country that we love. I implore our great people to take our country back from the hands of a corrupt system.

I ask you, my fellow American, to take back our nation from the ravages dealt upon us by selfish, corrupt politicians. I ask you to stand with me to take back our country from selfish, corrupt government.

Not one of us can do it alone. We would be left hopeless and helpless against a system that is no longer for the people and by the people. We must stand together despite racial divides, political differences, and religious convictions.

I’m calling for a united people in our United States of America. We must come together despite all differences. We have no other choice if we want to our country to return to the integrity we so desire. We must stand together if we are to rescue our nation from those that would seek to destroy us from within.

Yes, from within. Our enemy is not a country on the other side of the world. Our greatest enemy comes from within. We cannot give up and become a people without hope. We cannot become a people of apathy. We must fight together to take our country back. Back to the people.

I implore you to join me in not just voting in elections, but in standing for justice and integrity. I implore you to stand with me, to unite together, to link arms, to take America back.

If you’ll join me, I cannot promise an easy battle. But, I can promise a battle worth fighting.

United We Stand,

Kevin George

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