Andela Boot Camp Day 1 Experience.

I haven’t been on a Coding boot camp before till I met Andela. On arrival at the premises, one could see the energy that boot campers had. Honestly, I was psyched up myself. I knew this is going to be the beginning of a new era.

I met the fellow who were already camping and had successfully joined Andela fellowship and with the look in their eyes; I could easily tell there’s no other place to be. And the ladies too; So lavishing indeed. They’re so welcoming and it’s such an honor to be part of Andela for the allocated boot camp period.

I also met my fellow boot campers off #slack. And this was so awesome to associate with such beautiful minds.

Facilitation period was also conducted with ease and explanations that were easy for everybody to grab. This was also extended to group discussion which in turn was a success.

I believe with the coordination from everybody will help nurture the talents of the boot campers as well helping them to realize the bigger picture. It’s all about Andela’s dream and passion to change Africa continent through technology. I know all this is possible if we all continue to work towards the dream. It should fuel each an everyone towards a better future.

With Andela behind us, all this is possible. i can’t for more and more fun and Andela….#TIA

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