Liberal Women Have More Success in Dating

“Liberal Women Have More Success in Dating”

Correlation is not causation.

Also, could it have something to do with the fact that OkCupid users tend to skew pretty liberal on average, so there are probably a lot more liberals than conservatives on the site. And those liberals are more likely to live in big cities where they’re all physically close to each other, which makes dating easier.

“The Stepford Wife is robotic, submissive and repressed. Her behavior is learned as a necessary means of securing — and holding onto — a husband…”

It’s harder to take this article seriously as a semi-scientific piece of writing when its very first paragraph begins with over-the-top strawmanning (based on fictional characters, no less) and condescension. For a group that prides itself on being non-judgmental, many liberals (not all) spend a whole lot of time looking down their noses at anyone further to the right than themselves. (Judging by the contempt OkCupid regularly shows for its conservative users, you’d think they didn’t want the extra revenue that those users generate for them…)

Even if the data could conclusively prove that being liberal leads to better dating outcomes, it wouldn’t mean that liberalism is “better” or more valid than other political viewpoints. That would be an appeal to consequences.