No matter what a woman might say to a man beforehand, NO MEANS NO!
Jenna Trull

It’s hilarious and probably above your mental capacity to understand you’re the only one being judgemental and hypocritical here. “Rapey men”, “disgusting”, etc, when all I did was provide a transcript of the womans own text message showing that she WASN’T always against the idea of group sex. Nowhere did I say anything about that text representing an “indefinite and undisputable right to have your way” or that it represented consent, but it distinctly does disprove the narrative that Derrick himself was the only one asking for it — she says right there that she’s down with it too

I’d hope that you’re not really as simple-minded as you come off here and are capable of critical thinking beyond slinging around insults, generalizations and accusations. If you are, then I invite you to actually have a discussion about it, if not, then yeah, call me a “disgusting rapey man” again while covering your ears and being delusional

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