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Katie Baker, please read over David Amidon’s post. Reading your article it almost seems objective and unbiased, but the fact Derrick Rose is included amongst these men who legitimately DID commit sex/abuse crimes is wrong and misleading. The man has been ridiculed and shamed enough, and went through the KNOWN trouble of outing very sensitive details about his personal/sex life by refusing to settle and going to trial (These same details accusers are given anonymity to protect from, the same details that would be “slut-shaming”) just to clear his name and move on. He did that, and he was found not liable. While one can make the argument that the jury was star struck, the actual evidence and testimonies are heavily in his favor

Do the right thing and exclude him from this list. How can we be expected to progress when, even when a man is exonerated through the court of law (and through evidence), we STILL label him an abuser/rapist? That’s no better than those who are quick to blame the victim, but aren’t you trying to fix these perceptions?

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