Let us not be naïve!!!

Donald Trump once again wades into uncharted waters with his off the cuff comments. In a news conference today, he suggested the alleged hackers should look into HRC’S deleted emails. After all that has said this election cycle does this surprise you? The whole episode has been a bizarre reality TV show gone amok. Of course, mainstream media jumps all over it, in particular CNN, which definitely seems to have a liberal slant and appears to be in favor of a Hillary Clinton presidency. CNN once again plunges into Trump’s taxes, but never asks about Clinton’s Wall Street speeches or her deleted emails. Where is the balanced and fair journalism? Look I am not for Trump, I consider him unworthy on every level, but I have serious concerns when it comes to Hillary as well. As this debacle continues, Dr. Jill Stein is becoming the only viable option. As for most of the mainstream media, they are dishonourable and bias, especially the pundits and surrogates. The whole system is rigged period. I have absolute disdain and disgust for both main parties and mainstream media period. Thank heavens for PBS.

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