With all of us being home now more than ever before, this is the best time to jump on the next business opportunity and learn how to make money during (and after) a pandemic.

In fact, during the pandemic people have been reaching out nonstop and asking what they should do with their business or how to start a business.

I’ve spent some time doing many different sessions with entrepreneurs, counseling them, mentoring them, coaching them on how to get through this.

Now and in this article, I’m going to virtually put pen to paper and list the few ways…

The quality of a product is the customer’s perception of it — it’s a mental fixation of the consumer that assumes compliance with said product and its capacity to meet its needs.

The quality indicators are the tools and systems that own a company to measure the performance of their products. Although historically they have been quantitative, little by little new models appear that consider other factors more qualitative, such as competitiveness or consumer satisfaction.

However, these models must be quantified in order to be measured and compared. To understand the indicators, you must first see how they are used.

There are many ways to get an investor’s attention. On Shark Tank, not only did I take notice of the key factors below, but I also notice my fellow Sharks looking out for the same things. This is how to get an investor interested in your entrepreneurial idea.

I hear from entrepreneurs all over the world and ONE question that keeps coming up is…

How do you (Kevin) decide what product idea to invest in?

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn how you can get my attention as well as other investors!


When I’m looking to…

It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand the importance of knowing how to communicate and successfully pitch their products before approaching investors. There is an easy-to-follow formula on how to pitch your product in 3 steps.

After taking numerous pitches (over 50,000 in about 30 years), the best advice for entrepreneurs is that you have 6–8 seconds to grab my -and other investors’- attention. Make it powerful and attention-grabbing!

Every entrepreneur must have their “Elevator pitch” ready because you never know at what time an opportunity may appear. This is a brief but well-structured speech that serves to convey a business…

If you are looking for the best entrepreneurial tips, you are in the right place. Here is a collection of 10 smart tips every entrepreneur needs to know — to have exponential success.

I’m extremely passionate about supporting, helping, empowering, and creating entrepreneurs — the drivers of a new and bustling economy.

To help you succeed, I’m going to share some advice that I wish I had followed early on in my career, something that I now share with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

#1 Start a Business You Enjoy and Are Knowledgeable About

Bottom line is to pick something that excites and motivates you.

To start a business…

It’s important, in today’s world, to keep business expenses low and to make sure you don’t overspend.

I’ve seen this happen way too many times and certainly, business owners need to have the cash upfront to even spend it.

Many times businesses spend money on the wrong thing. So you have to be very careful about these initial expenses.

To get more money-saving tips for your business, watch the video below.


Why Do Businesses Lose Money?

You have to have a discipline that is important in terms of all the costs you need. …

Here’s a question for you… do you want to accomplish more in your day-to-day life, both business-wise and personally? I hope the answer is yes because I’m going to teach you how setting goals can help you grow your income and have more in your life!

Keep reading and watch this video to learn some cool tricks and tips that I use for goal setting as a successful entrepreneur.

Tip#1: Focus on Your Calendar (and live by it)

This goal-setting tip is important for any entrepreneur. I’m very focused on my calendar, my daily activities, my weekly activities, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Because I set so many goals…

Failure happens but today we’re going to learn how entrepreneurs can avoid failure.

There are many reasons why companies and entrepreneurs fail. Let’s talk about four of the top reasons that come to mind.

In the video below, I explain in detail how entrepreneurs can avoid failure in today’s world.

#1 Have a Plan of Execution with Capital

First of all, I think a lot of companies don’t start out with a great plan of execution with the capital that they are going to need accordingly. This can result in their company becoming underfunded.

One of the key things here is that they start a business without…

In the following interview with Brian Harrington, my son, and protege, we discuss the top 5 important ways you can learn how to survive in business during a crisis — part 4.

In the first 3-part series of how to survive in business during a crisis, we cover staying positive and motivated, finding a mentor, and creating a new business plan — so today, we are going to discuss raising capital, finding new trends, starting a new business, doing research in your niche, and trying some equity crowdfunding.

Check out the video below to learn more and grab to most…

When the world around you changes, it’s important to pivot and develop a new plan for your business — especially during a crisis.

A crisis of any kind can be devastating to business owners and entrepreneurs but if you stay focused and change the way you do business, things can get better and you will still have continuous success.

A crisis hit us in 1990 and we didn’t give up, we changed everything about our business and made it better and here’s how we did it!!

A Story About Survival during a Crisis

Lots of people including the younger people out there haven’t been through significant…

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