My Thoughts on The Last Jedi
Michael Tucker

How i wish i could see the movie as you did. I didn’t like The Force Awakens or Rogue One either, which saddens me even more.

Rey, the Mary Sue:

One thing that bothered me in Episode 7 returned again: Rey is still a Mary Sue character. And the fact that her parents are supposed to be nobodies is making that point even stronger. A character that came from nothing, learned about the force existing around a week ago and then beats even Luke Skywalker in a duel just doesn’t do it for me. I want to see her struggle and sacrifice to become the master that she has to be to… lead the rebellion? find her parents eventually? I really don’t know what Rey’s end goals are, since Episode 7 and 8 seem to focus on different things in that regard.

Finn’s journey was pointless:

Finn could be cut out of the movie completely without it affecting anything. He was passive the whole time as a character, and the one time he takes initiative, Rose denies him this moment at the end, by crashing her speeder into his. Yes, there is a somewhat romantic message in there, but i think the giant, firing cannon in front of them kind of undermines her message of protecting the ones we love (by crashing into them with highspeed).

Luke is a coward:

Luke achieved inner peace by being a coward. I get that he found his connection to the force again, but he didn’t risk anything to do this. He stayed home, send a projection of himself to fight with Kylo and didn’t have the guts to look him in the eyes himself. He risked more by staying at home and sending a projection than facing Kylo, and his past responsibilities himself.


The movie makes it a theme to subvert a lot of it’s foreshadowing moments. “What am i supposed to do? Face their army with just my laser sword?” Yes, Luke. It’s absolutely crazy to do that, but who if not you? What situation could arise in this conflict to get Luke Skywalker to go as far as facing a whole army with just a lightsaber? No situation, because he didn’t. Do we get to see Luke lifting his old X-Wing out of the water like Yoda showed him once before? No, it’s just there in the water for you to know. Will Leia give the lead to the next generation, by steering the cruiser into snokes ship, like her “Space Walk” scene inticates? (She flies through the hologram of snokes ship where the cruiser will hit it later on) No, lady purple hair who’s name i can’t remember does it. Without any emotional pay off. Leias death would have connected this lady and Poe because they both would have lost a teacher, but Poe and Leia don’t share a connection like this. The wrong person sacrificed herself.

Lukes confrontation with Kylo:

Did the movie give us really enough reason to care for the conflict between these two? we got a lot of spoken exposition, and 3 times the same flashback with slight alterations. Is that enough to warrant the last showdown in a movie? Is this more important than the conflict between Kylo and Rey? Kylo and Rey established a bond in this movie. A bond that had to be strengthen a lot more to make their parting to much more dramatic. But Luke and Kylo don’t share that connection in this movie.

Snokes Death:

Why was Snoke the entry level to bond Kylo and Rey together? Was he really less important than the faceless guards they had to fight afterwards? The fight scene was cool, yes, but right after Snokes death, the emotional goal of that fight is already behind us. Snoke was the one holding their unit apart. Defeating him would free them to do as they wish. But they just brushed him aside. Fighting the guards first and then getting the ultimatum by Snoke would have given us a much greater pay off. And we would have actually seen what Snoke could have meant with “Completing your training”, since we would have had context to that phrase. Snoke would have enjoyed watching Kylo and Rey fighting the guards and then making him choose between being given the power to rule under Snoke, or by his own standards, by killing him.

At the end i just felt empty after seeing this movie, and it really saddens me. There was so much action that lead to nowhere. Action, that didn’t set a goal for the characters. It was only there to resolve the plot, but not the story.

Just like Mass Effect 3 was the last game i bought from EA, i think Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the last movie i every saw from Disney. I don’t want to feel sad anymore from coming out of a movie.

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