The Path Forward

I get it. You all tried to decentalize Tezos' control structure and worked to protect yourselves from multiple legal risk that could have arisen if you’d taken the helm too easily on. You all worked in the financial markets, the industry could have pulled your project from underneath you. It makes sense to make the decisions you have. People don’t have a right to be mad at you; you made reasonable decisions at the time.

You all were a bit too logical with your decisions and spread your level of control too early. The risk of not giving yourselves more decision rights and control at the beginning is costing you more than if you just fought against legal penalty. In groups of people where there’s no clear leader, people can start to bicker and fight over scarce resources. That happened here, and it’s frustrating to see an amazing project go to waste because they didn’t expect this. Great projects need leaders to make them work

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