There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. — Phil Karlton

Variables are the simplest stuff in programming, which is used to store information that will be processed by the programs. Every variable has name and value. Value can be anything depending on program needs. On the other hand, variable naming is a trivial matter in writing a good code.

Lots of developers (which does not exclude me), tend to mess up with variables when writing codes. Even sometimes, when developer starts a project, they named variable properly at first.

Later on at certain…

Writing clean code is quite a challange. Many people have their own standard in terms of writing good codes. However, what is the proper measurement to define a code as a ‘clean code’?

There are several things that we can point out to determine whether a code is written cleanly or not.

#1 Readable codes

First things first, writing a good code is not always about sophisticated functionality with lots of powerful functions. It is important to build application with proper methods that answer end-user’s needs.

An application will get updates soon or later when it scales up. Update means writing another bunch…

Kevin Hobert

An enthusiast developer that eager to develop codes. Interested in Laravel, Android Development, and currently learning React Native

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