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Gridiron Battle…On Social Media?

Nigel Hayes’ throat punch of a Clemson player in December 1978. 2016 Fiesta Bowl blowout. 10 National Championships combined. 670 NFL Draft picks combined. 3 total encounters on the gridiron. Over 550 miles apart.

These are only a few of the historical facts synonymous with Ohio State Buckeyes out of Columbus, Ohio and the Clemson Tigers out of Clemson, South Carolina. Although these two storied programs have only done battle on the field a mere three times, every time they do get together, it is a very significant deal. Now the year is 2017 and these two national power houses are set to do battle once more. Only this time it on…social media?

Yes you heard that correct. Two of the biggest national power houses on the football field just so happen to be the two biggest power houses on social media as well where they have come up with new, innovative and creative ways to allow access to their fan base and to impact recruitment.

From Ohio State’s recreation of Mars Blackmon’s commercial “The Shoe”; an alteration of the famous Spike Lee and Michael Jordan (NBA) commercial “It’s gotta be the shoes”, starring Brooklyn native Curtis Samuel and former Ohio State lineman Michael Jordan. Or to Clemson University’s premium, directive way of reaching potential recruits on their cell phones, these two universities aren’t holding any punches in attempting to claim social media supremacy.

So while the battles on their field are few and rare the battle over social media supremacy is ushering in a new era of social media recruitment.

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