Phillies Social Media Man

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Tim Stoeckel was just like every other millennial, newly graduated student from St. Joseph University with a degree in hand and ambition to take on the challenges of adult hood.

Unfortunately a “dream job” wasn’t waiting for him. Before becoming the Philadelphia Phillies social media man, he had many ups and downs during his job search. After a few years toiling in different jobs such as being bouncer for a club, Tim struck gold and became a part of the Philadelphia Phillies social media team. In the beginning he was assigned simple tasks by tweeting live updates of the team’s scores during games throughout the season.

After all his hard work however, he has been upgraded to working with and handling all the Phillies social media platforms. He spoke how it is a very demanding job that involves a lot of late nights and having to be available at any given time to post any new updates that the team requests be announced.

Listening to his journey from a bouncer to literally running a MLB Baseball teams social media platforms show me that we may not always get the dream job we envisioned while in college, the road to to getting enjoying a career that we love isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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