Social Media Skills Game on Point?


That is the percentage of US companies who are currently using one of the many social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more. It wasn’t so long ago when Facebook and Instagram was simply used to show friends and family a photo of you enjoying a day at the beach or indulging on the sweet and delicious drinks that are offered by Starbucks.

Now it has become such apart of our culture that Fortune 500 companies now expect potential employees to have a complete understanding of how social media works and how it can be beneficial to their companies. There’s only one problem though.

Does the average human being actually have a clear understanding of how social media actually works?

According to Ryan Howard of Fast Company, the skills gap of social media is actually widening as the presence of social media in the workforce grows each day. There is a way to widened the gap however. With companies keep pouring more and more money into their social media training budgets, this allows people to garner a deeper understanding of how social media works AND how to use it effectively. Although we must ask ourselves, can we ever truly become a master at effectively knowing how to use social media when it is constantly changing? In my opinion, we can come pretty close but in the end social media will always try to have one leg up on us.