The Possibility of Storing Data in the Sky?

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“The Cloud” in information technology is a term that describes a place to store and access data over the internet instead of using a computer’s hard drive. The cloud in the Information Technology’s case is a metaphor for what we know as the internet. This offers a convenient way for users to transfer data, open, and store data rather than using an alternative method. Some alternative methods that I will be talking about in detail below are still used to this day, however being able to store data through the cloud offers more benefits compared to its alternatives.

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The analogy of the cloud comes from the idea of brainstorming ideas by drawing a cloud in the center and then adding different ideas to the cloud as the cloud acts as a main point. Similar to the Cloud, we use many different sources that can be connect to the cloud in order to access our data. Using the internet we store data and access it through different resources which just like how we used to brainstorm ideas, we would draw a main cloud point and add ideas.

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Many different software programs use cloud based services to store data. While there are over several options on the internet currently some of the more popular cloud based services include Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox, and google drive. As mentioned earlier, all these services are used to store, transfer, and retrieve data through the internet rather than using an external hard drive. Many different types of data can be stored on these services such as photos, music, documents, and other files that are usually stored on the computer.

Other than the cloud there are several different methods that can be used to store, retrieve and access data and depending on how big the storage capacity is then these methods can be used. An example of the different methods are; USB, external hard drives, Floppy Disks, and CD's.

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Now you’re probably wondering why? what’s the benefit? How will this make things easier?

Less Time Consuming

By using the internet, you can access any data you need by using a laptop or computer compared to using an external hard ware that you have to find, connect, then disconnect.

Accessible Anywhere

Rather than using an alternative method that you have to take with you wherever you need to go, you can just access data online and the internet and be found virtually anywhere.

Don’t Need to Transfer Data Physically

In the off chance that you do lose your USB, External Hard drive, or whatever you’re using then chances are that you also lost the data that was on your alternative method. This isn’t a problem with the cloud as it is on the internet and you do not need to worry about losing any physical object with data on it.

Acts as a Back Up System

The iCloud on apple software also acts as a back up system in case your apple product needs to be factory reset. This is a way to save your data in case something ever goes wrong, then you can still have all your information without losing anything.