A few new tools I started using

Kevin howbrook
Jun 29, 2017 · 1 min read

Today I started using a few new tools and I highly recommend them.

Python Gist is a command line tool for generating and editing github gists, it’s really simple to install and is a big time saver for saving those little snippets of code.

_ __ ___ | |_ ___ ___
| '_ \ / _ \| __/ _ \/ __|
| | | | (_) | || __/\__ \
|_| |_|\___/ \__\___||___/

Alphabetum Notes, A command line note-taking and syncing tool that stores data in Markdown files versioned with git.

TI is a command line time tracker which is actually really nice to use. Like every dev I know, I have used nearly every time tracker but this is really simple. It also outputs a log to a json file.

TI is also this guy, but he’s a rapper, not a command line tool.

Ti the rapper, not ti the command line tool
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