Migrating your Drupal content to Wagtail

Time to migrate… Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

Understanding what we need to do

  1. Create a Drupal view to give us an idea of how much content we are dealing with, listing node types and counts.
  2. Create a mapping sheet to understand the differences between each content type in Drupal and Wagtail.
  3. Export the Drupal node data.
  4. Run a python script to programatically create content using the Drupal data export.
Drupal to Wagtail migration mapping example

Importer classes

Django management commands

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Producing the Drupal source data

Our source article content type in Drupal
The JSON export for the node data


  • To change the label value in the JSON change the views format settings.
  • Depending on your core version, you might need to append your URL, e.g: news/export?format_json when viewing that actual page, not in the view path itself
  • For images and files, you’ll want to add a relationship to the view
A Drupal article node in JSON
Moving — Photo by Josh Edgoose on Unsplash

Moving Time

  • legacy_id and legacy_url will some in handy when checking if the content already exists and creating a url slug.
├── data
│ └── news.json # our exported JSON data
├── importers
│ ├── base.py # Base importer class
│ ├── __init__.py
│ └── news.py # The news importer (inherits base importer)
├── __init__.py
├── management
│ ├── commands
│ │ ├── base.py # Base class for importing file into Wagtail
│ │ ├── import_news.py # Specific import managment for news
│ │ └── __init__.py
│ └── __init__.py
└── README.md # Instructions for running

How we are going to actually run the code

/manage.py [importer] [parent_page_id] [data_file.json]/manage.py import_news 4 wagtailmigration/data_migration/data/news.json




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Developer, I also make art and listen to techno https://www.kevinhowbrook.com/

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Kevin howbrook

Kevin howbrook

Developer, I also make art and listen to techno https://www.kevinhowbrook.com/

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