What’s It Like For A Developer Moving To Wagtail From Drupal?

Drupal 8 and Wagtail logos
  • Wagtail has a community you can easily get involved in.
  • For developers, Wagtail is a great tool to add to your toolbox for creating web applications but also, learning Python is a whole new toolbox because It’s used across a range of industries, not just web development. This is really positive for your career as a developer
  • The list of organisations worldwide who have independently selected Wagtail for major projects is pretty impressive, and it’s quickly growing. Google, Nasa, and Oxfam to name a few.

PHP to Python 🐍

Wagtail (Django) Apps are like Drupal Modules

A Good Editor 📝

Starting a site

Working on a project 📝

Structurally Awesome

node--standard-page.html.twig  # Drupal
standard_page.html # Wagtail

Stop Building Content Types And Start Developing Apps

Adding a content type with one field
Drupal Blog listing view
  1. Run python manage.py startapp blog
  2. Add the new blog app to INSTALLED_APPS in mysite/settings/base.py.
  3. Write your model with fields for date, intro and body:
  • class BlogPage(Page) The blog post content type including fields that should be indexed for search.
  • class BlogIndexPage(Page) The Blog listing view page

Publishers Publish, Developers Develop.

Debugging 🐛

from pudb import set_trace; set_trace()
Pudb debugging
Django Debug Toolbar

EntityQuery vs QuerySet API 🔎

$query = \Drupal::entityQuery('node');  
$query->condition('status', 1);
$query->condition('type', 'blog');
$entity_ids = $query->execute();
// Do something with $entity IDs, like load multiple...
blog_posts = BlogPage.objects.live().order_by('title')
from django.db.models import Q...
events = EventPage.objects.live().order_by('title')
events = events.filter(Q(event_date__range([start_date, end_date])) | Q(event_is_daily=True))

Translation t() vs _ 🌐

from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
label=_("Translate me!"),

Signals, Hooks, and EventSubscribers 📢

from wagtail.core import hooks

def my_hook_function(arg1, arg2...)
# your code here

In Summary ☀️ Was Moving to Wagtail A Good Idea?




Developer, I also make art and listen to techno https://www.kevinhowbrook.com/

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Kevin howbrook

Kevin howbrook

Developer, I also make art and listen to techno https://www.kevinhowbrook.com/

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