Street lights

I think the biggest challenge in life is learning how to be alone.

On my way home from work at night, whether by foot or by car, darkness looms over me. The street lights pass overhead and stir the shadows around me. It’s hypnotizing; I feel a sense of calm as the city that was so loud & hectic during the day, leaves only the melancholy lights at night. Yet, in that moment of isolation and silence, I feel overwhelmed by loneliness.

We all face that feeling in our lives. Where in that moment, our own existence feels challenged by the ringing solitude in our minds. We fill it by texting our friends, checking our timelines, watching an old sitcom. But on my way home from work, I’m left naked and defenseless in those 15 minutes. Amongst the shadows that walk beside me, I yearn for the sound of another’s voice, to say “I love you,” or “you mean everything to me.”

Or just “anything to me.”

Just to even be acknowledged by the world, as a piece of fabric that belongs in the woven narratives of all other people.

I challenge those of us surrounded by the dark tonight to look around and realize that those demons are beatable. That in the quiet hours of the night, there’s solace to be found. That without the rest of the world around us, we can finally take an honest look at ourselves and everything around us, in peace and serenity.

And maybe then, we can appreciate the beauty of the night.

Image by iSwish