My 2017 New Year’s Resolution

While inspired by a myriad experiences, articles, videos, and conversations, it wasn’t until my 3 weeks of backpacking through Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia that my resolutions for 2017 became clear. For the first time in too long, I found time to stop, reflect, read, and let my inner dialogue solidify values that have long been taking shape.

I would like to thank a mindful travel companion, lots of alone time, four unexpected new friends from the other side of the world, and the abundantly lengthy, philosophy-imbued novel, Shantaram. They each helped me commit myself to become more patient, thankful, generous, and mindful in 2017; and to strengthen my core set of beliefs and values.

In 2017 I resolve to:

Focus my mind and body, and bring people together through communities.


  1. Language: Join Spanish group, fluent by year end
  2. Conscious Consumption: Buy and use only what I need and truly want
  3. Read: Each morning (professional, philosophy & fiction)


  1. Diet: 30 days Vegan, reduce sugar intake, read ingredients
  2. Exercise: Run 3K per day, do 300 push-ups & sit-ups, and commit to 3 triathlons and 3 half marathons


  1. Start world book club
  2. Join a Spanish language group
  3. Volunteer with SOFAR Sounds
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