Today, some friends and I went to a city called Bristol, in the southwest of England. Its built up of old buildings, and new. We arrived at Bristol Temple Meads train station at about noon, and proceeded to walk towards the town. First, we went towards St. Nicolas Market. It is very old, and has all sorts of things to browse through or purchase. My friends and I always go to a barbecue joint called Grillstock. It’s located in a covered section of a little alley. It is extremely good. You can get coleslaw, cheese, jalapenos and hot sauce.

Generally, we buy our burger and drink and walk towards the river and sit on the side and eat. After we continue walking more into the cities center. There is a long steep hill with stores on each side, and the occasional restaurants. Generally we stop at a store that sells drinks, snacks and newspapers/magazines and buy a drink and walk up towards this park arounds a corner. This time, we did just that and walked up there and sat down on a bench by a tower.

We walked down past the park, and through a thicket of trees and found a clearing where someone was camping (In the middle of a city, weird right?) and we continued walking down a path where we found a road with a few cars parked on each side.

Down a stairway, and around a couple corners we walked down by the water again and past a old huge ship. It is a museum now, I had been on it a couple years past but I forgot the name. Later on I found out the name is the SS Great Britain. We walked down the water for a while. After all this there wasnt much else to do, so we walked back walking towards the train station. Again through the market. One vendor had old comic books, another had collectable cameras. Past all that was the station, were we got on the train home.

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