The things that matter are things we should hold onto long after their coolness factor has worn off.

By Kevin J. Duncan

Due to the chaos that is my morning ritual, I left the house today without my watch and wedding ring.

It’s funny the way we become accustomed to things.

I keep looking at my wrist for the time. I keep glancing down to make sure the rest of me isn’t as naked as my left hand. I keep checking wedding photos on Facebook to assure myself it wasn’t simply a wonderful dream — that I really am married.

Despite spending an overwhelming majority of my life sans rings and watches, I haven’t felt like myself today…

Regardless of Our Lot in Life, We Each Have the Power to Make Someone’s Day

By Kevin J. Duncan

One week ago, I did something terrifying.

No, I didn’t wrestle an alligator. No, I didn’t go skydiving without a parachute. And no, I didn’t follow a Kardashian or Bieber on Twitter.

(Honestly, that last one is just plain crazy.)

What did I do? I interviewed people for a job.

It’s scary having that kind of power.

I held people’s futures in my hands. If I say no, I ruin their day. If I give them a thumb’s down, they’re going to hate me with the fiery passion…

Whenever You Feel Down About Blogging, Think Back to Those Happy Firsts

By Kevin J. Duncan

Remember the first time you met your husband or wife? How about the first time you saw a vintage Ford Mustang? Or the first time you found a “bonus french fry” at the bottom of your McDonald’s bag?

We tend to remember our happy firsts.

They’re the moments we daydream about during idle times. They’re the moments that often represent benchmarks in our lives. They’re the moments many of us wish we could relive.

I remember the first time I met my wife. I was holding my crying…

Kevin J. Duncan

Blog Editor at Jon Morrow’s

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