Say hello to Waymo: what’s next for Google’s self-driving car project
John Krafcik

ThurDEC 15 ’16: frm,- KEVIN, on;- teeser8 &, 08 & 09@hotmail dot com.. IT’s disgustg to Think So many Very, Very Silly &, “Wet, behind,the EARS”, Adults, World wide, -will Foolishly, Suppoort, the GIANT, FRAUD, Of,, DRIVER LESS Cars. — What a, CON TRICK, by, GOOGLE, & FORD, Toyota, & Others to Even Consider, making a MODERN, Vers of, a ‘Killing’- Machine, for, Ignorant, PPL, who have, Absolutely - N O. idea, At all, of, How, a Rediculous, DRIVER LESS Car, WILL, 1,} — NOT Avoid, hitting, &, Killing a, K I D, — who runs out onto a STREET.. WHO - amoung, - All, the STUPID, supporters — Of — the LUNATICS at, GOOGLE, &- FORD , TOYOTA, — ETC, WILL, Still, Support, such, LUNACY, of, a DRIVER LESS, CarS, risking, 1> CHILD’s> Life-? Any, PEA NUT Brains ?- Google, F O R D — ETC, should Be, FEEDG, STARVING > KI D S <<. SO,, Let the world’s, Readers, NOW — Comment, O n,- Their Earlier Remarks,- About, HOW, they, will, Still, Support, the - LOONIES — GOOGLE — ETC,, OR,, I F, — they DARE, to, have “IT” in them — to, SAY, “N O”, we Care More For, 1 KID’S, LIFE. — &, — A D D, “GO, Jump, — GOOGLE, & FORD, Toyota, & Others” who ARE, Only, like ALL, PoweR CorrupteD, — GOVTS, AUSTRALIA, the WORST :- i.e, absolute, EVIL, — MONEY, — WASTERS., Deserving OF, — JAIL TERMS.. — PLS, REPLY To,- KEVIN, At, 1st LINE — Above.. THANK you, in, Advance.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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