Mobile First, Desktop Worst
Oliver Brooks

Nice job on this article, Oliver. I’ve dealt with this issue on a web site I’ve been working on. There is functionality that really needs the real estate of a large screen so I’ve optimized for a tablet or PC screen size.

On some pages, I have created two versions; one for PC and one for mobile. With this approach, I do take on the burden of maintaining two pages with similar functionality, but I minimize the burden by sharing as much code as possible. The result for my users is an experience that is optimized for their device. On a mobile device, the user will see less information and be required to tap into another page to see more details. The other option would be that I display too much info for the small screen and making the presentation harder to read. I use Bootstrap for responsive design, but there are just some cases where separate pages per screen size is, in my opinion, just a better way to go.

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