A new novel by Kevin T. Jones

A QUICK TRIP TO MOAB, with the thrill and feel of a post-apocalyptic survival story, takes place in the modern west, where a new kind of land battle is raging. Otherwise patriotic, freedom-loving citizens demanding an end to government control of local lands are engaged in armed confrontation with federal officials. Hoping to avoid bloody gun battles, the government has backed off, leaving some remote areas under the control of the protesters.

Stan Watson, driving along a well-traveled highway, stops to let his dog out, and finds himself in a life or death struggle against bandits, militias, and the harsh desert environment.

High-stakes adventure drives this modern-day Wild West tale, as Watson and his fellow travelers confront the harshest face of land-use conflicts that plague the American west. In a state where the federal government owns most of the land and controls its use, local frustrations have boiled over, and average citizens are caught in the crossfire.

Kevin T. Jones is an archaeologist and writer. He served as Utah’s State Archaeologist for seventeen years, and has many years of experience in dealing with land management and resource protection issues in the western states. His ethnographic novel THE SHRINKING JUNGLE (University of Utah Press, 2012) is set among the Aché, hunter-gatherers of Paraguay, among whom he lived and studied in the early 1980s.

A QUICK TRIP TO MOAB will be published in short segments on Medium beginning on June 21, 2015.