Bottle Chillers — Must Have One For Busy Bars

As a matter of fact, the demand for many goods entirely depends on the season. When it comes to the warm spring and summer months, you will see a greater demand for items that serve as chillers and products which can be utilized outside the home setting. And during cold spells people habituate indoors while in warm preference is for time outdoors, that’s quite logical!

Bottle Chiller — that’s one product that does see a greater demand during the spring and summer season. In warm weather, there is a need to cool down with a cold drink. Soft drinks and alcohol are equally popular beverages. Although drink the whole year has a greater demand in the warmer months. Most of the people choose to buy a bottle chiller because the regular refrigerator does not have sufficient ability to chill drinks and beverages. A blizzard bottle cooler facilitates as a secondary device with additional room. It is particularly useful in the summer as there will be a greater need to stock cold drinks.

If you in need of a bottle chiller for your busy pub, bar or restaurant then you’ve come to the right place! Here in this article, we will help you out regarding an ideal purchase of bottle chillers for your outlet.

Key Appliance

When it comes to the bottle coolers, they’re seldom referred to the most important piece of equipment for the licensed premises and their popularity no signs of abating, as per the manufacturers and suppliers alike. Nowadays, businesses prefer to buy environmentally conscious appliances for their outlets, and there is an increasing trend for the energy-saving machines. There are several manufacturers offering appliances that save up to 30 percent of the energy as compared to conventional equipment. Just a matter of fact, an energy conservation bottle chiller is more expensive to purchase initially, but the cost of running the equipment is quite cheap. So, eventually increased outlay on initial cost is justified over time and will soon pay for itself.

Pull Down Time

Another important thing that customers want from their bottle chiller is a good pull down time to take a room temperature drink to reach a servable temperature. Most of the units come with the factory fitted locks, which seems to be an important feature, especially when you are serving beer commercially. If on the other hand, the selected model does not come with the standard locks, then your supplier should be able to offer you this additional feature.


One more significant feature that as a customer, you always need to look for is warranties. Warranties are something that should be considered carefully while choosing a bottle chiller. Several manufacturers offer lease to buy option on larger units, and this at least gives you an extra advantage that if your unit develops a fault in the future, then the cost of repair is covered.

Additional Features

Bottle chillers come with one to four door options, manufactured in stainless steel or hard-wearing black coated steel. These coolers have LED lighting that ensures a striking display, while the adjustable shelves enable different sized bottles and cans to be stored efficiently. It also has a variable thermostats feature, which allows you to set the optimum temperature as per the environment, customer liking and product or beverage specifications.

To cope up with the demands of busy venue means bottle chillers have to operate adeptly; to keep up the temperature as the product is taken out, stock refilled and doors are constantly opened and closed. That’s why you need a bottle chiller that must be robust enough to survive a punishing level of wear and tear.