If a book is only a linear narrative, whether fiction or nonfiction, your analogy makes great…
Bernard Glassman

Thanks for the feedback Bernard Glassman! I’ll address as much as I can.

  1. Dictionary does not work for this, agreed. I guess I could have specified “fiction book”. I know some people that read only the first and last chapters of business books, and say they get the point. Perhaps these would make interesting challenges! A dictionary definitely would be represented by an array, but an array full of words rather than chapters. Always tough to decide if I can live with the limitations of these analogies.
  2. Index idea is interesting. I am thinking a two dimensional array? Top Level: the entire book. Second level: each chapter, where each entry is a page. The entry itself is a string. So if chapter 1 has 20 pages, there would be 20 strings in the chapter 1 array. If I wanted to access the 32nd page of chapter 2, I would use book[1][31].
  3. Definitely thinking about compiling all my tutorials into some sort of book. I hope you have seen the rest of them!