The Most Ten Classic Items You Must Have In Your Closet

written for Vogue magazine.

This it bag is BOYY, it was born in Thailand. Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman co-founded fashion brand. This bag inspiration from New York, Thailand and Italy. As soon as the new launch once sold out on the Internet.Limited edition to prevent the package bag become too ordinary, it’s better to buy the BOYY bag in hurry. ($1025)

This J.W.Anderson and mini-shoulder-body bag is very popular,although it look like a bid at the first time, it will be unique feeings when you look it long. You will be the focuse of the people’s eyes when you are on the street. Although it looks like minimal, it has a mobile wallet that the Ipad can easily been put in, moreover, it’s a good choice when you match with other clothes.It will be outstanding when you sitting on the street,because of its unique design,although its color is low-pitched bare-pink.($1691)

This shoulder bag is made from Valentino, which is our classical rivet style. Its blendent is a unique grey-pink that is suitable for most people. Although it’s small, the personal effects are easy to pack into pocket. It’s relaxing and attractive for you when you are going shopping in spring or summer, and it’s not bother you to consider how to match with other clothes. ($2295)

The bonds of VETEMENTS is popular among this two years, and its clothes are always out of stock. This hoddie is very special,do you see any hoddles have clothes chain on its own? Its fashion design and the model of ptetend-two layers, even the hooded polo hoodie is much fashion when you put on it .The style makes you a little treachery when you wear the drape twill miniskirt that matched with the silver bracelet.($1075)

The“Gabi” boots designed by Alexander Wang, looks like very unique for its brand marking heel design.The shoes are suitable for any occasion for its simple and generous style.If you wear it together with the jeans and dress, it will be even better,so your shoebox should own this black boots.($595)

GUCCI-leather ankle boot.It shoe upper has GUCCI metal marking and the ankle section of the shoe is made of the best quality of the leather which is suitable for the human factor.Thus ,it can prevent rubing the feet,so the GUCCI shows extraordinary talents on the T-platform and continue to maintain its high quality. If the cities’ white collars wear this boats,they will be charming to others and defeat the cold temperature of the winter.($790)

The boots are the new products in autumn or winter of 2016. The creative director use the different parts of to add with the speculate marking of GUCCI.This ankle boot can make you look like very rich for its symbolic red and naval’s fabric bracelet,GG golden logo,and the heel embellished with the pearls.Besides ,the girls who like mature style will persuit this shoes because of its Italian soft leather matched with zipper which increase the convenice and comfort of you. ($1100)

The rivet is Valentino’s faves,which is used for clothes,bags,and even shoes,making the mose particular Valentino’s style.this unique high-heeled sandel could show the beauty of the lady’s ankle,for which is desigened to have delicate paltinum rivet and multipe hands.The gray-pink blendent is suitable for many occasion,and it’s a necessary sandal for ladies to sock up into their shoebox. ($995)

The ginger coat is adorable ,which sold on the ASOS by puma own.The pure no-accessories style is fit for the students and the girls who are un early 20 years,moreover,when it designed the skating-shoulder style.It makes them more young,if the weather is cold,you can match with a same color polo,without minding wearing jeans or black leggings is physical attractive or not. ($100)

The Kipur coat of Max Mara shows the carefulness of the designer for its slim wing collar that missing the corner and is diuble-breasted,so its the enternal choice for your commode. Its made of luxurious wool and Angola’s blendings.The insipration of how to design the coat is from the strongly curved of HaoBao’s sports and the neutral tone of the Aw16 series proposed by MaxMara:beige,camel joined with the black coloub locking together. What a special coat, why not buy one? ($2690)

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