This Is The Antidote For Digital Narcissism
John P. Weiss

I decided to give up Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for Lent, to see how it would go. It was weird at first because I felt as if I would be disconnected from a lot of people I’ve gotten to know (in a very positive way) via social media. After 1 week, it was hugely liberating to the point I am not sure I will be going back to Facebook at all.

What struck me about your piece so much, John, was the idea that many of us have bought into a notion that if we don’t share some cool event to Facebook, it’s as if it never happened. I am trying to rally my friends to do a party where everyone leaves their phones in a box by the door, so we can all just… you know… spend time with each other. Some people asked “Well what about photos?” and my answer was “Hey, even without photos, it’s not like things didn’t happen!”

Interesting to try and shift the pendulum back the other direction now.

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