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I’m interested to see how this goes. I am always leery of any program that feels the need to bring in a “Georgetown guy”/“Texas man’/“Michigan man” or anything akin to that. First, it immediately gives me concern that the culture of the program is a bit screwed up or overly high maintenance. Second, it also gives this false idea that you need to have some secret handshake in order to succeed. That’s not to say understanding how to maneuver with boosters, alum, the administration, etc. isn’t important, but it always seems so overblown.

As a UConn fan, I was incredibly leery that Calhoun hand-picked his successor and while I like Ollie (and the 2014 National Championship he brought), it defers too much to what the old guard thinks is the best path forward as opposed to what really is the best steps for the program as a whole.

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