So I get so very, very tired, whenever someone complains about something, not because of the feelings they have for the thing, but because of the feelings OTHERS have for it.
77. The fun-shaming must stop!
Claus Raasted

This baffles me too. There are few things stranger to me than a person having deep, personal animosity about what someone else does for fun (provided no one is harmed in the process). I think we’ve all had a moment or two of weakness in getting judge-y with others, but then I see those who have a wide swath of elitist disdain over people liking something that’s… GASP!… popular. Or to the converse and disliking what others enjoy because it’s TOO niche or trendy.

If you have that much of a visceral reaction to what others do for fun, then that’s only on you… and you may be a little too fragile for your own good.

No more fun shaming. Thanks, Claus — really good read.

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