Mystery of Array-like Object.

When I was writing the code couple days ago. I found surprising mystery of array type. I working with array object and I mistakenly assigned object value into array object.

What really got me spooked was that it worked.

Here is example of array object.

It’s a simple array object. 
But what really got me baffled was this statement.

If you look into the array object it seems nothing is really changed.
but there is addMe populated. Although it still have array prototype and length is 3.

Wait so is this Array type?

Apparently if you look into the prototype of array. Object prototype is also attached to it. That means you can use Object prototype well.

You can also attach object into Function object.

I was wondering if Tri-combination is possible.
Since, Array and Object and Function are under objects. I assumed that if you somehow combined the prototype it is achievable.

Tune in for my next article for more info. 
Until then Happy coding.