Usually, when we think of impermanence we think of the impermanence life, which inevitably moves us to consider death, and before we’ve had chance to find any curious wonder in it we’ve locked the notion away for more maudlin moments like divorce or mid-life medical exams.

The fact is, impermanence is a vital ingredient for a happy life and yet most of us barely consider it.

Take air for example. Air is the ultimate abundance. No one gets jazzy about air because there’s tons of the stuff about and while it’s of paramount importance we accept the continued supply as…

How photography can make a bad day better

We might think of life as a road but in fact, it’s a see-saw, nestled atop a roller-coaster suspended by elastic bands. Throughout our lives we try to maintain a steady ascent but the higher you crank up that hill the sooner that corkscrew will come and scatter those plans like an unsettled stomach. One second you're holding your hands to the sky, screaming to go faster, the next you’re holding on for dear life.

You can change the carriage of course, pick a few passengers, even purchase a smooth bit of track but ultimately the destination is always the…

The Ugly Duckling

No matter what the discipline be it football, fly fishing or photography, it is the duty of the uninformed to reduce that hard-earned mastery to a one-line dismissal.

Even back in ancient Japan, when the samurai were perfecting their combat skills you can bet there would have been someone on the sidelines claiming “it’s just waving a silly sword around”.

If only the camera had the same limb separating qualities as a katana we probably wouldn’t hear ‘it’s only pushing a button” as much but despite this idle derision it doesn’t hurt to understand the true origins of a great photo.

First and foremost the camera isn’t responsible for a great image any more than an oven makes a great roast dinner. …

They say a job worth doing is worth doing well but no job was done well without doing it badly to begin with.

In photography, the early stages are always littered with false starts and frustrating mistakes. The methodical types may try to mitigate this period by reading up on technique but useful as that can be we shouldn’t underestimate the value of a good struggle. It’s not always easy but it is efficient.

As with nature the greatest advancements never come from sensible actions or status quo they are from the unforeseen ‘mistakes’ and the strain of endeavor which disrupt the regular order and force growth. What appears as folly uncovers new ways to develop and advantages to exploit.

In photography, we…

I can’t tell you when and how it happened but at some point in the last 20 years, I became a photographer. There was no fanfare, no certificate of achievement or telegram from the Queen. I simply ceased being a guy with a camera and became a photographer. From that point on I haven’t looked back.

So what makes someone a photographer? Is it the number of photos they have taken? The qualifications they hold or pictures published? Maybe the money they make? Or is it simply a measure of their passion?

The answer is it could be any one…

Dr.D Subvertiser

At the dawn of the mirrorless camera a few years past, a familiar spell was cast upon the photographic populous. A seductive whisper lit the quiet fires of discontent to convince us that the previous 209 years of camera companionship were sadly lacking. Our timid souls were tempted from our comfortable SLR lives with a vision of svelte, agile forms and silent actuations in quiet corners. Betrayal beckoned.

Of course the first reactions were that of resistance.

  • “I don’t need that I’m happy as I am!” “My current model is so dependable!”
  • “But it must get you down carrying so…

Passion vs Paycheck

As with many creative industries the task of putting a price on a passion can be a tough one. How can you accurately apply a value to your work when the very pursuit itself feels like payment enough? Even to this day if the job looks particularly fun I feel inclined to quote less. How can 5 days in Hawaii all expenses paid not be enough?

The fateful retribution to all this creative fortune is that people seem to have latched onto the alluring power of loving your work and will dangle it in front of you…

When we think of the humble pigeon we may not initially look at them as a source of wisdom. They aren’t considered the brightest birds out there but as a beginner in the street photography world, we would be silly to overlook them. Hygiene habits aside they are the ultimate street level survivors, expertly navigating the hustle, boots and bustle to carve out a comfortable existence amongst their human counterparts. To successfully capture those decisive moments we need to understand the pigeon mindset as within it lies the key to photographic victory.

Self Consciousness is for the Crows

It’s a feeling many a fresh faced photographer…

Ⓒ Kevin Lake

I have to say before I start that I am a biased party when it comes to foxes. I love them. In the urban world which many of us inhabit it still warms my soul to live so entwined with an animal as graceful and beautiful as a fox.

That view isn’t shared by everyone of course but in a shifting landscape of cars and concrete you have to admire their Darwinian flair for adaptation. Other species weren’t so fortunate. …

In the universal scheme of things, human existence is a mere blip. A tiny scatter of activity amongst an infinite span of time and space. Compare that with the life span of a Daddy Long Legs. In the time it takes most of us to complete a sudoku they have learned to fly, lined up a lover and left their legacy. A little fast and loose for some tastes perhaps, but when every day is a decade they can be forgiven for omitting a few romantic dinners.

In a way, we are a lot like our cumbersome cohabitants. We flit…

Kevin Lake Photo

I am a professional photographer and occasional writer. Still learning both. (

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