[1] Bus Thoughts ~ “Hello, World!”

Colophon (kinda)

We all have voices in our head.

Some of us choose to let everyone within earshot hear it. Some take to Twitter aggressively using the @ symbol. Me? I’ve recently found huge comfort in releasing that inner manic voice by writing.

Mr. Fuentes sums it up pretty well.

“Writing is a struggle against silence.” — Carlos Fuentes

There’s no timeline to this (this isn’t a blog). Instead, I want to use this medium as a faucet for my thoughts and I encourage anyone reading this to join me. Think about it this way…do this exercise and replace the time you typically spend on social media and looking at “puppies or food” articles during your commute. Oh, and here are a few guidelines I’ll be following:

  • Every bus ride I’ll be writing.
  • No edits during the commute, just thoughts.
  • Edits, images and links will come after the initial writing sessions.
  • Once it’s published, there is no editing.
  • Pitch one person every week on a “Bus Thoughts” you’d like to read from them (This week I pitched Michael Nissan on writing, “How I’ve been in a 6 month relationship with a girl I’ve only met once”)
  • Last thing. Since I was #17 in college soccer, I’ll write 17 of these.

don’t walk too fast from A to B,

Kevin L. Hsu

Quote of my week: “When I was around 10 or 11 years old, my father offered me $10 to move a cord of recently-delivered firewood from the driveway into the garage and stack it up inside (I am old; $10 was a great deal of money back then). I managed to get all the firewood inside but rather than it being stacked against the wall, it was more or less evenly distributed across the floor of the garage. I expected my payment, but instead got some advice: “Every job you do has your signature on it — do you really want to sign that?” I always remembered that and if I am going to do something, I make every effort to do it right. (I also properly stacked the wood afterwards, even though it took forever, and I got paid in the end.)” — Stewart Butterfield

Bus Thoughts Style Guide // Inspired by Hime

  • Each Image will build on every “Bus Thought” written.
  • H1 — [Number in Sequence] Bus Thoughts ~ “Insert Title Here”
  • No bold in the article itself (cheesy way to emphasis)