I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

Okay I apologize — I didn’t realize hotne actually lied about paying you.

Look first and foremost you went to work for a startup.


Everyone has to know that they never have money. whew. okay. first person to blame is yourself — obviously you’ve never bootstrapped anything. You have to move forward in faith.

Granted he lied to you. That is where it got me that end point. Up till then however you have to know you went to work for a startup. Honestly Red Flag #1 is you going to work for a startup with a high salary and signing bonus. WTF would you work somewhere that pays that? Startups need to conserve cash — and have everyone in that same mode. Pure and simple (other than them lying to you — you are at fault here — you are not startup material) Go start your own company- after you blow that up, then re visit your post here.

You still come off self righteous

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