Takeaway from WeWork Mission Possible Demo Day

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of presenting to the WeWork community at the Mission Possible x W Hub Demo Day. Several other companies had come to inform the audience what their aims and goals were. Among them the three that stood out the most was Hack Pacific, Happy Owl, and Sam the Local. Was also a pleasure meet Sid Mewara and Peter Dingle at the event who provided me invaluable advices to grow both Studio Tika Innovation and the Hong Kong’s Startup ecosystem.

Hack Pacific is a company that specializes in online classes for students who want to learn programming. What sets them apart is that they have weekly video chat support and an instant Q&A platform to help answer questions as quickly as possible. I see this as a very progressive business model that allows for students to receive help from coaches or peers whenever and wherever the problem arises. The subscription for this is very modest and the people are friendly, would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who has an interest in programming!

The second mentionable service is Happy Owl, their name is a word play on happy hour. Happy Owl recommends and books reservations at bars and restaurants. Hong Kong is a very diverse city with lots of hidden gems, the goal of Happy Owl is to catalogue each business so they can be found readily. Happy Owl has an app and a magazine that features a variety of places to dine, drink, and be merry!

Sam the Local, based in Hong Kong wants to set up local people to hang out with Hong Kong visitors as an alternative to tourist groups. Visitors can submit their interests and goals they wish to accomplish in Hong Kong and choose from a selection of specialists to take them around local areas that fulfill those interests. The guides are friendly locals from all over the world that can show what the city has to offer from culture, nightlife, shopping to nature trails, parks and other recreational activities!

I see a lot of potential with these companies that can provide assistance for visitors or even people who are thinking of moving into Hong Kong! Everyone was supportive of each other and created a positive atmosphere to share ideas and collaborations!

Please stay tuned for our Studio Tika Kickstarter 101 event expected to be held early March 2017 at WeWork Wanchai. Would love to have you all attend or even better, come as a guest speaker.