How Do You Overcome Betrayal?

A Short Text Conversation with A Stranger Asking for Help

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The Worst Betrayal Is Betraying Your Own Heart And Soul…Not Your Betrayers.

Stranger: How do you overcome betrayal of the heart. Forgiving is just not enough???

KL: My dear! You not only have to forgive those who have betrayed you, but also forgive you for putting yourself as a victim.

KL: Once you continue to put yourself as a victim, you will continue preventing yourself from healing the pain manifested by the betrayal.

KL: I am here for you. Since we’d both been betrayed before, I understand your pain.

KL: Remember, those who betray you are no longer worthy of your energy to continue put yourself in pain. They are not important in your life anymore to linger on those sufferings and continue living in misery through their negative actions inflicted on you.

KL: You deserve better and it is not worth your time to waste your focus on them. Focus on your inner self and healing. Do what you truly love that brings joy to your heart. No one can take that away from you.

KL: If you need to talk, I’m here for you.

Stranger: Wow, I’m having a light bulb moment. Out of all that I did, I forget about me. Thank you so much for that. As I was reading your comment, you were targeting things that hit home. Something I’ve continued to neglect to do is to focus on me in my heart.

KL: Yes, it is not your fault and you shall never blame yourself for forgetting you. We tend to do so as humans thus we are imperfect. But once we give love to ourselves again, our lives become much more joyful and whole through healing.

Stranger: Learning to love and forgive myself is difficult. But getting better at it day by day. Mercy & Grace.

KL: I am proud of you. It can take months even years to do so. You are courageous enough to learn how to love and forgive yourself once again. Take a day at a time by putting yourself as your priority. It is not selfish, but nurturing. Imagine when you feel more loved by 1% per day, you receive 365% more love in a year! Amen!

If you’re ever tempted to betray yourself by doing exactly the opposite of what your heart desires to pursue, take a step back and look into the eyes of those who’d betrayed your soul. Are their opinions, actions, judgments, and darkness worth your life by putting your dreams, your calling, your passion aside? Think again my friends. I will love to know your story by commenting below. I thank you all for reading. I love you.

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