Ruby modules

What are ruby modules? when and how do we use them? What’s the difference between modules and classes?

You may probably have asked yourself these questions but luckily today we’ll dive in ruby modules and by the end you’ll have answers to these questions.

Ruby modules are a collection of methods, constants and classes.

Unlike classes modules don’t have instances; instead, you specify that you want to add the functionality of a particular module to that of a class.

module syntax

You define modules the same way you define your classes the only difference being this time you use the…

What are rails controllers? what’s their role in an application? What’s the controllers inheritance hierarchy?

It’s Wednesday and as always we have a ruby meetup. The topic of discussion is on rails controllers.

What’s a controller

A controller is a type of class that’s responsible for making sense out of a request made in an application and producing appropriate output. It acts as the middleman between the views and model. Views are used to display data to the user while models are where you define methods to manipulate data. …

Having a problem understanding the difference between ruby blocks, procs and lamdas. What are blocks? What is the difference between procs and lambdas? Lets break this down.


A block is a collection of code enclosed in a do / end statement or between braces { }. They are chunks of code that you can pick up and drop into another method as input or chunk of code that you associate with a method call. If you have used each before to loop through an Enumerable then you have used blocks.

Defining a block

It is week two already at the andela bootcamp cohort 25 and am happy with the progress I’ve made and what I have managed to learn both from my LFAs and fellow cohort members. Everyday I put my self up to task to come up with an expected output before the end of the day and in time. The bootcamp process has put me out of my comfort zone and am getting to learn and implement things within the time limit.

One thing about the bootcamp is the programming language used. This meant that I was to learn the new…

Reading this title I know you are probably wondering how am I affiliated with the ninjas or probably what type of ninja am I. Now let me update you. So I applied for Andela and managed to make it to the bootcamp cohort25. It’s week one where we are doing most of the work remotely. Before the bootcamp we were were grouped and on day one of the bootcamp it was amazing meeting the team members in person.

When we were grouped we were to decide on our group name. Then it happened that the first suggestion was too catchy…

I have always fallen in love with technology especially the field of software development and the problems one can solve with it. One thing though is that you got to have passion and love what you do. The question one always asks himself/herself is where to begin from. As a developer I believe you can’t really can’t grow alone and need always will need the experience, knowledge and guidance from others.

For a while a while know I lacked the right platform to get to do projects. Because as a developer the more projects you do the more exposure you…

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