“Do you want to make a bet?” A stranger in the bar said to Larry. Larry was a little surprised to be addressed. He had come to the bar alone, and was not expecting to have that interrupted.

“What kind of bet?” Larry said.

“Order me a beer,” the stranger said. “I’ll break it against my head.”

“What’s the bet?” Larry said.

“That I won’t do it,” the stranger said.

“So I have to buy the beer and give you money to do something I don’t particularly want to see,” Larry said.

“Come on,” the stranger said.

“No,” Larry said. “I’m not taking part in this.”

“You do want to see it though, right?” the stranger said.

“I would want to see it,” Larry said. “But I’m not paying for it.”

“Alright, I’ll do it,” the stranger said.

“Why?” Larry said.

“Because you want to see it,” the stranger said. “And I want to do it.”

“Why do you want to do it?” Larry said. The stranger looked around the bar and shrugged.

“What else is going on?” the stranger said. Larry nodded. The stranger leaned over the bar. He ordered a drink. The bartender got one for him, and walked away. The stranger grabbed the beer bottle by the neck, and then very quickly smashed it into his head. The glass shattered and beer sprayed everywhere.

“What the hell?” the bartender yelled. “Now I’ve got to clean all that up. What did you do that for?”

“Bored,” the stranger said.

“You’re bored?” the bartender said. He looked at Larry. “Did you put him up to this?”

“No,” Larry said. “I certainly didn’t stop him though.”

“Why didn’t you stop him?” the bartender said.

“Bored,” Larry said. The bartender frowned for a moment. He went back to the coolers. He pulled out another beer. He placed it in front of the stranger.

“Do it again,” he said.