Why I don’t answer most phone calls
Adrien Joly

Why people in Hong Kong don’t answer most phone calls

Adrien Joly’s piece mostly deals with the practical side of things. Here in Hong Kong, though, the reason is much more straightforward.

Phone. Fraud.

While I’m surprised to see that even the US of A is plagued by phone scams, the recent situation in Hong Kong is much more rampant. Scammers would identify themselves as anyone from couriers to mainland Chinese officials in order to extract money from unsuspecting victims, in one case as much as HK$20million (around US$2.56million).

Apart from fraudsters calling from abroad, even more Hongkongers have been receiving unsolicited marketing cold calls from callers purporting to be calling on behalf of all kinds of businesses, from beauty salons to loan referrals. The never-ending cold calls are such a pain in the neck, that a Hong Kong-based Android app developer wrote an app that blocks incoming junk calls, which uses data from hkjunkcall.com, a crowdsourced database that stores phone numbers reported and verified as making unsolicited calls to Hongkongers.

Plus we’re all on one messaging service or the other these days, with WhatsApp essentially supplanting good old SMS. Phone calls have really become not that necessary anymore.