Drowning in Our Backyard Pool
Daniela Rios

First of all, based on your writing I would NEVER have guessed that English is your second language. You’re a captivating writer, and I’m glad you chose to come to Ryerson.

In my opinion, you provided the most sobering moment of the semester in your presentation, making us all consider the darkest aspects of obsessive social media use from a very personal perspective.

That said, I totally see where you’re coming from when talking about Medium’s Recommendations. The irony of this course is that it requires us to consistently post on a blogging website where we’re measured on metrics, despite trying to learn how to be above all that.

I also wrote about this episode, because I felt that even though the technology was futuristic, the social atmosphere was very relevant to where we are today.

I expect Lacie’s world to become reality within our lifetimes, because data, and measurable information are all that matter to the people up-top making the decisions. We really don’t have much say, especially when most of us are addicted to these platforms anyway.

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