I’ll sell you my soul for a couple of likes
Will Barker

I love that you started with Dunbar’s Number, because I first came across that theory when I was in the 9th grade with, coincidentally, just about 150 Facebook friends. At the time, most of my friends had at least double that. And, like any conceited young man, I took Dunbar’s Number as validation of my understanding of what a “friend” really was, and unlike all my superficial acquaintances, who were just adding friends indiscriminately, I was self-aware.

In reality, I was just shy, quiet, and not very sociable. And it didn’t take long before I deactivated Facebook, because I knew I couldn’t deal with not getting my little red hits of dopamine.

There was a time when comparing social media to drug abuse was considered hyperbolic, you really painted a very relatable picture of why that’s not the case anymore.

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