Hollywood’s Most Beloved Sellout — Snoop Dogg
Hailey Halliday

I’ll be honest, I read your title ready to argue with you, but I got where you’re coming from by the end of it. Snoop Dogg’s an entertainer, and he knows how to work the times.

In the mid-nineties he was a hardcore Crip, identifying himself as a legitimate West Coast gangster, which he probably was. But times have changed, hip-hop has changed, so as an OG rapper, you gotta kinda find your place. I mean, come on, the only 90s rap stars that stayed relevant are the ones that adapted.

I’ve actually watched a few episodes of Martha & Snoop and I found them hilarious. Rappers and other celebrities make appearances (oftentimes while high, especially Wiz Khalifa) and they just have an entertaining time as a group.

In my opinion, it’s all in good fun. Snoop isn’t a rapper anymore, he knows his heyday is over, but he might as well keep being an entertainer.

As a celebrity that blew up so far away from the social media culture, I’m actually proud of Snoop for being so relevant among a demographic that weren’t even born yet when his debut album came out.

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